Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I have been working on the book about the Harrold group from the Orkney Islands and have managed to get three "chapters" done. First chapter is off to my editor for her comments and editing.

In between writing sessions, I have had a manicure, walked the dogs at leat three times a day. Today for the first time, I have been permitted to plan and prepare a meal. Cheese strata casserole, easy, good and quick. It is sitting in the fridge waiting to go into the oven. Ruth has her photography club tonight. So quick and easy seemed the way to go.

Today it is blue skies, and warm. I am looking out the window and seeing the daffodils nodding i the breeze, nestled in the grass. Te trees are just starting to put on their greens, gently softening the outline of the stark branches from winter.

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